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Fourth generation company, always on the cutting edge of agricultural technology

U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), Wash, D.C., Wed, Jan 20, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Amity Technology, Fargo, North Dakota, an innovative manufacturer of agricultural machinery and crop management products who always has been on the cutting edge of agricultural technology, has been approved for membership in the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), the USUBC executive committee announced today on behalf of the entire USUBC membership of over 100 companies and organizations who have business operations, investments or other development programs in Ukraine. 

Amity Technology follows in the proud tradition of a family that has been involved in the manufacturing business in North Dakota for more than 50 years.

Bobcat Loader, Steiger Tractor, Concord Air Drills, WIC Sugar Beet Equipment

Amity Technology is a fourth-generation manufacturing company. Founders Howard Dahl and Brian Dahl are grandsons of E. G. Melroe, who founded Melroe, and sons of Eugene Dahl. Eugene was a partner at Melroe and gave leadership to Steiger Tractor when it grew from $2 million of annual sales to over 100 million in six years.

In 1977, Howard and Brian Dahl incorporated Concord, Inc., which became the leading U.S. air drill manufacturer. Concord had a particularly strong role in bringing air seeding technology to the CIS (former Soviet Union). The Dahl's sold most of Concord to Case Corporation in 1996. The Dahl's used assets not purchased by Case to launch Amity Technology.

The heart of Amity Technology has been the WIC Sugar Beet Equipment line, the world leader in sugar beet harvesting equipment. They are also a world leader in several cutting-edge crop management tools, including Concord soil samplers.

In 2007, Amity Technology purchased the air seeding and agricultural attachments line of products from Fargo Products LLC, including the Air Double Disc Drill, Air Till Drill, Air Carts and the new Single Disc Drill.  These innovative products are poised to again make a worldwide impact in the seeding market.

Howard and Brian Dahl are also partners in Wil-Rich LLC, a manufacturer of tillage and spraying equipment in Wahpeton, N.D., and  Wishek Steel and Manufacturing Co. of Wishek, N.D., an international provider of the Wishek Disc and other farm equipment.
USUBC is very pleased to have Amity Technology as a member," said Morgan Williams, Director, Government Affairs, Washington Office, SigmaBleyzer Emerging Markets Private Equity Investment Group, www.SigmaBleyzer.com, who serves as President/CEO of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).  

"I have known Howard Dahl since the early 1990's when I visited his manufacturing plant in Fargo and have watched with amazement as his companies continue to bring new products to the marketplace that are designed perfectly to significantly expand and lower the cost of agricultural production in Ukraine," Williams noted.

Amity Technology has long been North America's leading manufacturer of sugar beet harvesting equipment. Over the past few years, strong sales in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and China have made Amity Technology the global leader for sugar beet harvesting products. For years, farmers have appreciated the simplicity, functionality, and durability of Amity Technology's beet equipment.

Amity Technology recognized the export potential in the countries of the former Soviet Union where sugar beet acreage is approximately four times more than the combined acreage of the United States and Canada.

Amity Technology is currently involved in manufacturing several Crop Management products, including Soil Samplers, Soil Labs, Compaction Mapping, Air-Tram Tramlines and Nitro-Bars. Each of these products can help farmers cut costs and increase yields in today’s agricultural economy. All of our Crop Management Tools will assist farmers/agronomists in efficient agronomic practices to meet today's agricultural challenges in fertility/soil management.

Following in the tradition of Concord Air Seeding Equipment, Amity Technology has a history of developing innovative seeding equipment for conventional and no-till seeding applications. The Air Till Drill, Air Double Disc Drill, and the new Single Disc Drill have positioned Amity Technology worldwide as leaders in air seeding equipment.

Amity Technology Air Carts allow farmers the ability to deliver seed and fertilizer with precision and gentle handling of the product. With the option of ground drive or variable rate meters, variable NH3 control and compatibility with all mapping application technologies, our Air Carts are adaptable to any seeding or fertilizer applications. These stainless steel tanks, meters, and metering components provide a durable, very low maintenance and retain a new appearance.

Amity Technology is involved in the manufacturing of Wil-Rich tillage products. Located 40 miles south of Fargo in Wahpeton, North Dakota, Wil-Rich is a sister company of Amity Technology, and is one of North America's leading manufacturers of tillage equipment and planter bars.

Amity Technology is the distributor for Lockwood-Harriston-Mayo potato equipment in Europe and CIS countries.

Amity Technology is ISO:9001 registered for quality standard certification. They achieved the certification in August of 2007, recognizing the company’s quality management systems and programs. The ISO premise is that consistency creates reliability, which leads to excellence in product design, manufacturing and end use.

More information about Amity Technology can be found at www.amitytech.com.

"USUBC now has a membership base of over 100 companies and organizations which allows USUBC to provide its new members such as Amity Technology with a full-time operation and a significantly expanded program of work," according to USUBC membership director, Iryna Teluk.  

Over One-Hundred Members, January, 2010, Membership in January of 2007 was 22. 
The complete list of USUBC members can be found at: http://www.usubc.org/members.php.


[1]  Anders Aslund, Senior Fellow
Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington, D.C.
[2]  Ariel Cohen, Ph.D, Senior Research Fellow
Allison Center for International Studies,
Davis Institute for International Studies,
The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C.
[3]  Keith Crane, Senior Economist
Rand Corporation, Washington, D.C.

[4]  James Greene, President
Effective Engagement Strategies, LLC, Washington, D.C. 
Former Head, NATO Liaison Office Ukraine

[5]  David Kramer
Senior Transatlantic Fellow
The German Marshall Fund of the United States
Washington, D.C.
[6]  Leonid Kozachenko, President
Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAC), Kyiv, Ukraine

[7]  William Green Miller, Senior Policy Scholar
Woodrow Wilson Center,  
Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Washington, D.C.

[8]  Steven Pifer, Senior Fellow
The Brookings Institution
Senior Advisor, Russia & Eurasia Program, CSIS
Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Washington, D.C.
[9]  Dr. Edilberto Segura, Partner, Chief Economist
SigmaBleyzer Private Equity Investment Group
Chair of the Advisory Board of The Bleyzer Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine
[10]  Keith Smith, Senior Associate
Europe Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Former U.S. Ambassador to Lithuania, Washington, D.C.  

[11]  William B. Taylor, Jr., Vice President, Peace & Stability Operations
United States Institute of Peace, Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Washington, D.C.

[12]  Damon Wilson, Vice President
Atlantic Council of the United States, Washington, D.C.


For Year 2010 (http://www.usubc.org/excommittee.php)

[1]  Margarita Karpenko, Managing Partner
DLA Piper Ukraine LLC, Kyiv, Ukraine

[2]  Michael E. Kirst, Regional Vice President
Central/Eastern Europe and Russia
Westinghouse Electric Company, Brussels, Belgium

[3]  John R. Miller, Director,
International Business Development, Europe, Israel, Sub-Sahara
Raytheon International, Inc., Arlington, VA

[4]  Dr. Irina Paliashvili, President and Senior Counsel
RULG-Ukrainian Legal Group, P.A., Washington, D.C./Kyiv, Ukraine

[5]  Andrew A. Pidgirsky, Chairman, Board of Governors,
Ukrainian American Bar Association (UABA), Houston, TX

[6]  Mara L. Sovey, Director, International Affairs
John Deere Public Affairs Worldwide, Deere & Co., Washington, D.C.

[7]  Samir B. Sahgal, Director, International Operations
Washington, D.C. Operations, The Boeing Company, Arlington, VA
            Treasurer, USUBC
[8] John F. Steele, Director, International Government Affairs
Eli Lilly and Company, Washington, D.C.

[9]  Patrick H. Sweet, President
Sweet Analysis Services, Inc. (SASI), Alexandria, VA

[10]  E. Morgan Williams, Director, Government Affairs, Washington Office
SigmaBleyzer Private Equity Investment Group, Washington, D.C.
           Chairman, Executive Committee, USUBC, President/CEO, USUBC

[11]  Van A. Yeutter, Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Cargill, Washington, D.C.

[12]  Jack I. Heller, Attorney at Law
Heller & Rosenblatt, Washington, D.C.
           Legal Counsel, USUBC