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Ukrainian CSOs Call On President Juncker For A Meeting

On July 17 the EU Ambassador to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli met with the MPs and the representatives of AntAC and TI-Ukraine to discuss the outcome of the last week EU-Ukraine Summit. The Ambassador reassured that the EU continue to support the process of establishment of appropriate instruments to deliver justice in high profile corruption cases as prescribed in the Law on the Judiciary.

In the meantime, the Presidential Administration gave their own interpretation of Mr Juncker’s words, using the editorial remark:

We continue to call on Mr Juncker to meet with the Ukrainian CSOs to discuss the threats of “chamber-approach” implementation and the importance of not allowing any manipulations regarding future anticorruption judicial institution. For more details please see the article.


NABU Hands First Notice of Suspicion
For Fraud in E-Declaration

The first suspect in the course of investigation of illicit enrichment and false statements in e-declaration is a retired judge from Luhansk region. According to the investigation, retired judge failed to submit to his e-declaration for 2015-2016 information on vehicles and real estate objects, which he uses, as well as on the property owned and used by his ex-wife worth of 10 million UAH. The spouses divorced back in 2011, but continue to live together. For more details please see NABU release (in Ukrainian).

In total NABU currently investigates 61 cases opened upon analyzing the e-declarations.


NACP Officially Confirms Tough Rules of the E-Declarations for Anticorruption Activists

While the Rada fails to include in its plenary agenda President's bills aimed at abolishing e-declarations for anticorruption activists, the NACP issues a legal opinion that confirms worst fears of the activists. Thus, the NACP may consider as potential declarants people who participated in the trainings conducted at the expense of the anticorruption project, as well as those who happen to receive from third parties the money from anticorruption projects of the international technical assistance. It is absolutely not clear how the NACP will track the violators, since the law obliges all such persons to decide individually whether they are subjects to e-declaration. Such a collision will end up with potential declarants not knowing about their obligation and being persecuted by the NACP.

For more details please see NACP’s legal opinion (in Ukrainian). 

NACP Verified E-Declarations of 10 Members of the Cabinet

The NACP verified first 29 asset declarations out of more than 1 million, submitted by public servants and other declarants. 

Among these are declarations of 10 Members of the Government (Minister of Defence Mr Poltorak, Minister of Social Policy Mr Reva, Minister of Informational Policy Mr Stets, Minister of Energy Sector Mr Nasalyk, Minister of Culture Mr Nyshchyk, Deputy Prime-Minister Mr Rozenko, Minister for Ecology Mr Semerak, Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories Mr Chernysh, Minister of Justice Mr Petrenko and Minister of Infrastructure Mr Omelyan) and 2 Members of the Parliament (Mr Solod and Mr Tretiakov). NAСP did not identify fraud or conflict of interests in these declarations. Also declarations of 6 judges and 8 officials of law enforcement agencies and executive bodies were verified.

Regarding two officials (former judge of local court and mayor of small city) NACP filed cases to SAPO and National Policy for investigation of fraud in declarations. Regarding other officials NACP did not identify signs of illicit enrichment, fraud in declaration or conflict of interests.

For more information please see Public Lustration Committee website.


The Security Service of Ukraine Unlawfully Takes the Authority to Verify E-Declarations of Its Staff

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) informed that it had conducted an investigation following the media story about luxurious cars of SSU officials, but had not identified facts of illicit enrichment. However, the SSU does not have the authority either to verify asset declarations or to investigate illicit enrichment of its officials. According to the law, verification of all asset declarations is under the responsibility of the NACP, while respective criminal investigations of senior officials fall within the capacity of the NABU.

However, neither NABU nor NACP have access to e-declarations of the SSU officials, which are submitted to closed parallel system. This is done not only to prevent public access to such declarations, but also to block NABU from investigating signs of corruption of SSU officials.  

AntAC filed a lawsuit against SSU and NACP with demand to ensure public access to e-declarations of SSU senior officials as provided by the law on corruption prevention.

AntAC's Case Against Military Prosecutors for Hiding E-Declarations 

AntAC filed the case to the Administrative court of Kyiv against decision of the Chief military prosecutor Anatoliy Matios and the NACP to close public access to e-declarations of military prosecutors.

Recent hearings were scheduled for July 19, but neither military prosecutor’s office, nor NACP brought any documents related to the case, therefore the hearings are postponed till September 6. AntAC considers these actions as a sabotage aimed at delaying consideration of the case.

For more details please see our updates as of June 17.