The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (the CMU) has been vested with the authority to introduce special measures against aggressor states and/or occupier states in accordance with the amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Foreign Economic Activity” (the Law) in effect since 1 January 2016. According to the Law the special measures may include:

  • A total ban (embargo) on trade
  • A partial ban (partial embargo) on trade
  • Cancellation of the most-favored-nations regime or preferential special regime
  • Imposing a special duty
  • Licensing of foreign economic activities
  • Establishing the quotes.

In accordance with the Law the CMU has issued Resolutions No. 1146 and No. 1147 dated 30 December 2015 on imposition of the special measures as follows:

  • Since 2 January 2016 – introduction of a reduced import duty (most-favored-nations regime) on import of products originating from Russia. This measure will be effective until 31 December 2016 or until cancellation of previously introduced sanctions against Ukraine by Russia.
  • Since 10 January 2016 – introduction of an embargo on the import of a variety of goods, originating from Russia (effective until 5 August 2016 or until cancellation by Russia of the restrictions on import of certain products originating from Ukraine). The list of such goods, in particular, include:
    • Certain meat and fish products
    • A variety of milk products
    • Tea and coffee
    • Confectionery
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Pesticides
    • Diesel-electric locomotives
    • Tram and railway equipment.


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