Sayenko Kharenko contributed to the newly released second edition of the White Paper on Legal and Governance Reform in Ukraine: Strategic Priorities - Business and Economic Sector (White Paper). The White Paper was jointly developed on a pro-bono basis by leading law firms under the auspices of Legal Committee of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).

Sayenko Kharenko experts contributed to or edited several chapters of the White Paper, including: Intellectual Property (partner Oleksandr Padalka and senior associate Oleg Klymchuk), IT Sector, e-Commerce, and Cyber Security (partner Nazar Chernyavsky and IT group coordinator Mykyta Polatayko), Agribusiness (partner Nazar Chernyavsky, agriculture practice group coordinator Andrew Zablotskyi and junior associate Victoriia Mykuliak) and Trade and WTO – Compliance (Andrew Zablotskyi).

The White Paper was presented at the second conference on Legal and Governance Reform in late October 2015 at the Kyiv School of Economics. Approximately 100 representatives of the legal, business and diplomatic community, civic society, academia, the Government, the National Bank and the Presidential Administration of Ukraine gathered to discuss the proposed reforms.  

Recognizing the crucial importance for Ukraine of fundamental and systematic legal and governance reform, the USUBC Legal Committee decided to make the White Paper an ongoing project. The second edition of the White Paper introduces the analysis of the achievements of the new Verkhovna Rada and the new Government, and contains advice on the course of reforms for 21 sectors of the legal and governance system.

The second edition of the White Paper is available here.