Since joining GlobalLogic in 2008, Andrew Kalinovsky has played key roles in the company’s sales operations, recruitment strategies, and customer relationships.

Currently as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Andrew leads M&A activities and key internal initiatives within the company to connect market and operational strategies. He also manages the CEO office — including investor and board relations — and helps drive business growth. Prior to joining GlobalLogic, Andrew co-founded and served as CEO of Validio Software, a product development services company that was later acquired by GlobalLogic.

During his time with Validio, Andrew developed software products for emerging web ecosystems in the e-commerce, healthcare, and telecom industries. Before Validio, Andrew founded Alis Software, where he developed software and electronic equipment (including early smartphone technology) for small businesses.

Andrew holds a Master’s degree in computer science, and he enjoys combining his structured and creative talents to tackle diverse problems. Outside of the office, his pastimes include athletics, community involvement, and continuing education.