Dr. Irene Roth is a scientist with PhD in polymer science with over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry, the author of numerous patents and articles.

The founder of Depsol is a well-known professional in scientific and practical aspects of polyurethane applications with experience not just in studying and distributing materials but also in creating successful enterprises in the a.m. fields.

In 1994, Dr. Roth established the US company Dipol Chemical with subsidiaries in Ukraine, Russia and Latvia, which became the important channel of supply of polymers from main worldwide chemical companies Dow Chemical, Du Pont, Ineos, Nova Chemical, Solvay, Clariant, etc. to the FSU countries, which in 2008 was acquired by major chemical distributor - Brenntag.

In 2012 Dr. Irene Roth and Dr. Alfred Roth founded the US company Depsol Technologies with subsidiaries to establish distribution channels for US chemicals and polymers to the FSU countries and conduct high technological investment projects, mostly in Ukraine. The company also became a highly successful distributor of Dow Chemical polyurethanes for construction, home appliance and other industries.

Nowadays, Depsol is preparing investment projects for the production of polyurethane sandwich panels, flexible facing boards and modular houses on its basis to rebuild Ukraine. Depsol’s mission is to create chains of projects based on the usage of polyurethanes to achieve this goal.