Ielyzaveta (Liza) Kozlenko is 31-year-old Clinical Research Associate (CRA) and now – a war journalist.

Before the war Liza used to regularly visit hospitals all over Ukraine and monitor them according to Good Clinical Practice international standard to assure patient's rights, safety, well-being and clinical trial data integrity. After the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Liza has joined the Territorial Defense Forces in Kyiv, later – Ukrainian Volunteer Army as a press officer.

Her main responsibilities are to work with foreign journalists and document Putin’s war crimes. Currently she is working for Narod Viisko (Nation Army) and Jewish Chronicle media. She is also working with famous British journalist and ex-BBC icon, John Sweeney, on his podcast “Taking on Putin” ( and many other of his projects.

Liza is also volunteering on medical and humanitarian frontlines and is helping anyone who addresses her with requests to help.

Liza was born in Kyiv. She spent early years of her life in Kalush city, Ivano-Frankivsk region. At the age of 8 her family moved to Crimea (Armyansk city). During the annexation of Crimea her family (mom and granny) was still there and after several years they managed to move. So Russia stole a big piece of Liza's childhood. At the age of 17, Liza was granted a scholarship to study at National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy”, so she moved alone to Kyiv, where she obtained her Bachelor degree in Chemistry. Then, she has also received a grant from European Commission to study abroad – in Spain (University of Barcelona) and Portugal (University of Algarve in Faro and Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon), where she received her Master’s degree in Quality in Analytical Laboratories. She authored one scientific publication during her studies in Portugal (with her maiden name in it – Chorna)

 Upon graduation, Liza moved to Poland and she has been living and working there for 1 year at the international company named Infosys BPO Poland as a Senior Process Executive. In 2016 Liza moved back to Kyiv to settle down and contribute to Ukraine’s development and growth. She immediately started her career as a clinical research associate. In January, 2022 Liza quit her job to run her own blog about clinical research, however, the Russian full-scale invasion began and she put this dream of hers aside and started volunteering in Kyiv all the possible ways.

Together with John Sweeney, Liza has been documenting and reporting Putin’s war crimes in Bucha, Irpin and Borodyanka. In early days of war Liza has also become a victim of Putin’s war crimes. On 1st of March she was in her car together with her ex-husband, driving by Kyiv TV Tower during its attack by Russian missiles ( and

 They were volunteering together, and on their way back home the explosions occurred. Her ex-husband was wounded, Liza miraculously remained intact. She saved his life and a life of another man whom she stopped on the road.

Since then, she got even more motivated to fight the Russian evil and collect all the evidence of Putin’s war crimes. Liza speaks fluent English, intermediate Spanish and basic Polish and Portuguese. Fluent in Ukrainian and Russian.

 She is a book lover, bicycle rider and real fan of psychology. She even has a novel about studies abroad and toxic relationships which will be published one day. During spare time she might accidentally rescue a baby dolphin Liza loves Ukraine with all its problems and challenges. To follow Liza: Twitter: @lizaclinwizard Facebook: Instagram: @lizaclinicalwizard