Mr. Heller has been in the practice of law in Washington, DC since  1974. Specializing in international matters, he is a partner in Heller & Rosenblatt.   

He served at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) from 1962 to 1972  in various positions, including Director of Programs and Policies for Latin America, Legal Advisor and Director of Operations,  USAID, Brazil and Senior Tax and Fiscal Advisor for Latin America.

Before joining USAID he was a teaching fellow and research associate (1958-1961) at  the Harvard Law School’s International Program in Taxation. His other academic experience includes Lecturer and Co- Director, Special programs in International Transactions for Latin American Public Sector Attorneys,   (1976-1984)  and  International Transactions for the Peoples Republic of China (1982-1987).

 Mr. Heller was General Counsel and a member of the Board of Directors  of the Pan American Development Foundation (1981- 1998) and served as the Foundation’s President 1998  - 2000.

He  was a founder  in 1993 of  the Fund For Democracy and Development (“FDD”), a US Foundation which  provided emergency commodity (food  and heating oil)  and technical assistance to Russia, Armenia  and other former Soviet Republics.  In 1995  he co-founded and was President until 2000, of the FDD’s  New Russia Small Business Investment Fund, a Moscow based not for profit corporation which provided training  to Russian bankers  and extended supervised financing to Russian banks for small business lending.

Mr. Heller co-founded the Ukraine-United States Business Council in 1995 and  serves as its  General Counsel.

Mr.  Heller has  a  BA from the University of Chicago, and a LL.B from Columbia University Law School.