Our first member became The Hope and Belief Charity Fund that help children with oncological and  oncohematological problems. Now you can donate your miles to the Fund’s account and give children hope for recovery and the happy future. All the donated miles will be used by Fund to issue Meridian award tickets to transport sick children and their parents, foreign and Ukrainian doctors involved in treatment and consultation of the children to the other countries.

You can donate miles to the Funds’ charity account using the online transfer miles form on your personal Meridian page on the website. All you need to do is to select Fund from the list, amount of miles you want to donate and miles will instantly deducted from your account and credited into the charity fund account.

Conditions of miles transfer to the charity account:

Minimum amount of miles for a donation - 10 miles*
Maximum amount of miles for a donation - not restricted *
Miles transfer from the childrens’ account who are at the age from 2 till 16 years are made by parents.
Miles transfer to the charity account is free of charge.
Miles from the charity account are not expired.

* amount of the donated  miles should be multiple 10

Take part in our charity project, donate your miles and give hope to children!

The Hope and Belief Charity Fund was created in 2005. Fund  works in the field of children's oncology and oncohematology. The fund is an associated member of Ukrainian volunteer association «Zhity zavtra».

The basic purposes of fund activity are:

• targeted drug support of children
• the urgent target help to specialized medical hospitals
• acquisition of the equipment and furniture for children's branches
• the organization of incentive and celebratory actions for children

During it’s activity the fund provided a one-time or regular assistance to more than 250 children. Under the regular support program the treatment for at least 20 children from different regions of Ukraine is supported at the same time. For these purposes the fund raised and spent more than 500 thousand EUR received from private donors. The fund initiates and participates in programs of equipping with modern equipment the specialized children oncohematological departments. For the whole period of it’s activity the fund provided a one-time or regular support of equiping 23 departments of medical institutions of Ukraine to the amount of more than 420 thousand EUR.The partners of the projects of the fund "Hope and Belief" are banks, insurance companies, large public and private corporations.

The detailed information on fund activity on a site www.ucccf.com