The exhibition isaccompanied by a comprehensive, illustrated catalogue containing a scholarlyessay by the curator, George G. Grabowicz, Professor of Ukrainian Literature atHarvard University.

altThe collection from theNational Museum of Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv, comprised of selections that spannearly the entire lifetime of the artist, includes fifty original watercolors,sepia works, drawings, etchings, in addition to objects such as publicationsand Shevchenko’s own artist’s tools. Reproductions of more than sixty otherworks by Shevchenko, along with documents—facsimiles of the artist’s albums ofsketches and poems—enhance the exhibition. A rare 1840 edition of a Kobzar(“The Minstrel”), one of Shevchenko’s first collections of poetry that becamehis most widely read work, is on loan from the Shevchenko Scientific Society inNew York. Selected items from The Ukrainian Museum’s archival collection alongwith audiovisuals and a recorded guided tour serve to complete the narrativepresented in the exhibition.

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