With 6,500 lawyers and professionals in 120 locations,new firm answers clients' call for broader experience, deeper businessknowledge and greater cultural insight around the world

At a signing ceremony today, in an historic first, 大成 (pronounced "da CHUNG"), a leading law firm in China, andDentons, a top 10 global law firm, announced a combination that will be uniquein the marketplace. The result will be the only firm to offer seamless serviceacross Africa; Asia Pacific; Canada; Central Asia; Europe; the Middle East;Russia, CIS and the Caucasus; the United Kingdom (UK); the United States (US);and all 34 of China's regional administrative divisions.

Challenging the status quo through an historic combination

The new firm will have more than 6,500 lawyers and professionals in 120locations in more than 50 countries. It is the first combination of a leadingChinese firm and a top 10 global firm. The new firm will provide clients withmore advantages, including:

  • A polycentric approach. With no one global headquarters and no dominant national culture, the firm will proudly offer clients talent from diverse backgrounds and countries, with deep experience across many geographies and every tradition of law. The new firm offers the local cultural understanding required to get a deal done or dispute resolved in communities around the world. 
  • Broader and deeper offerings around the globe. The combination of a polycentric, global firm with a leading Chinese firm will offer clients seamless service, global presence and local knowledge.
  • Reinvented client service. The new firm will reinvent client service, harnessing new technologies to enhance client support and deliver higher quality services while prioritizing client confidentiality and data security.


The new firm brand unites the names of both firms in an elegant logo, whichsymbolizes a combination of Eastern and Western cultures.


In spoken references, the new firm would be called "
北京大成律师事务所" in Chinese, and "Dentons" in otherlanguages. Further information about the new firm’s naming convention may befound here www.dentonscombination.com.

Leadership and structure

The new firm will be led by:

       Peng Xuefeng, the present Director and Founding Partner of 大成, and Chairman of the standing committee of 大成, will be the Chairman of the Global Board and theChairman of the Global Advisory Committee of the new firm. 

       Joe Andrew, currently the Global Chairman of Dentons, will be the Global Chairman ofthe new firm. 

       Elliott Portnoy, currently the Global Chief Executive Officer of Dentons, will be theGlobal Chief Executive Officer of the new firm.


"This combination between thepremier law firms of China and the West is truly the first of its kind. Our newfirm will serve as a highly integrated platform for efficient legal services,and build bridges that facilitate cooperation and exchange for Chinese andWestern clients alike. We will help our clients navigate the most complex legaland business environments worldwide, providing unique professional legalservices. Together, we are taking an unprecedented step forward in ourprofession--a ground-breaking milestone in the history of international lawfirms," Peng said.

Andrew commented, "With more lawyers in more places where our clientsdo business, this combination is not about being the largest law firm in theworld it is about understanding what our clients need and delivering it. As theonly big 10 firm not headquartered in the US or UK, our polycentric approachreflects how the global economy has fundamentally changed and the legalprofession must change with it." Andrew will be the Global Chairman of thenew firm.

"With the largest and fastest growing economy in the world, theattraction of China to our clients is strong.  All of our competitors are looking East," said Portnoy. "Byuniting East and West in one firm—not merely through a few offices in largecities, but with a deep presence across China—we can provide Chinese businesseswith global ambitions and international clients with interests inside China areach and depth that simply can't be found elsewhere." Portnoy will be theGlobal Chief Executive Officer of the new firm. 

The new firm will have five regions—Asia, Canada, Europe, the UK and theMiddle East (UKMEA), and the US—each led by a regional chief executive officer.A 19-member Global Board—comprised of 14 members from Dentons, and five from 大成will include representation from each region, and a Global AdvisoryCommittee will be comprised of all members of each region's board. The new firmwould be structured as a Verein, a structure common among the world's topglobal law firms.

About 大成

Founded in 1992, 大成 is one of thefirst and largest law firms in China. 大成 is home to more than 4,000 licensedattorneys and professionals worldwide. Headquartered in Beijing, 大成 has more than51 branches and offices, enabling the firm to offer seamlessly integrated legalservices to its clients on a global basis.

大成 and its lawyers have earned numerous outstandinghonors and awards through years, including being named “Outstanding NationalLaw Firm” by the All China Lawyers Association for several consecutive years,holding the top spot on Asian Legal Business' "ALB 50: Asia'sLargest Law Firms" and being named number one on The Asia Lawyer's2015 "The Asia 50" and "The China 20" list.  

About Dentons

Dentons is a global law firm driven to provide clientsa competitive edge in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. A top20 firm on the Acritas 2014 Global Elite Brand Index, Dentons is committed tochallenging the status quo in delivering consistent and uncompromising qualityin new and inventive ways. With a legacy of legal experience that dates back to1742, Dentons was formed by the combination of international law firm SalansLLP, Canadian law firm Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP (FMC) and international lawfirm SNR Denton. Dentons' clients now benefit from approximately 2,600 lawyersand professionals in more than 75 locations spanning 50-plus countries acrossAfrica, Asia Pacific, Canada, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia,CIS and the Caucasus, the UK, and the US. The firm serves the local, regionaland global needs of a broad spectrum of clients, including private and publiccorporations; governments and government agencies; small businesses andstartups; entrepreneurs; and individuals.

Legal Notice

This information relates to a proposed combination ofDentons and 大成, and their members and affiliated undertakings.



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