ERIE, PA (December 8, 2023) – Logistics Plus, Inc. (LP), a leading worldwide provider of transportation, logistics, and supply chain solutions, has successfully completed a challenging shipping operation in support of the reconstruction and development of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. This accomplishment reaffirms the company’s commitment to excellence and efficiency under the most demanding circumstances.

Ukraine Pipe ProjectIn this operation, Logistics Plus was tasked by its client, Vorex USA, with transporting thousands of tons of essential gas pipe into Ukraine amidst the ongoing war. During the project’s execution, Ukraine’s Black Sea ports were cut off when the Russian government withdrew from the international agreement securing port access for humanitarian reasons, and soon after, the Russian military began its bombings of Ukraine’s port infrastructure and vessels anew.

Adapting, Logistics Plus relied on its problem-solving expertise by rerouting the shipment through Romania’s Constanta Port. This strategic move facilitated the safe and efficient transport and delivery of 22,000 tons (47 million pounds) of gas pipe to Ukraine via ship, then onto dozens of barges, and lastly to end destinations across Ukraine utilizing over 1,000 truck shipments. This big, complex undertaking required prompt decision-making and effective communication across various branches of the global company. Logistics Plus teams in China, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, and the USA played a pivotal role in planning and executing the entire project, including running operations at Constanta Port and ensuring the vessels were unloaded swiftly in the face of significant complexity and security risks.

Most recently, and despite the ongoing assaults on Ukraine’s port infrastructure by Russian forces, Logistics Plus delivered the final shipment of these materials directly to Ukraine’s Black Sea Port of Chornomorsk to meet the needs of Vorex USA and the people of Ukraine. This accomplishment marked the first time a non-grain, U.S.-managed ship successfully delivered and unloaded at the port since the onset of the war, a significant precedent-setting accomplishment made possible by the increased security provided by the Ukraine government in the region and the dynamic risk management capabilities of Logistics Plus. The Logistics Plus Ukraine team worked tirelessly to secure the necessary berthing permits and operational approvals, a testament to their perseverance and dedication. Their efforts culminated in the vessel’s successful docking at the Port of Chornomorsk in late November, with the final truckloads of the 22,000 tons of pipe being delivered successfully to their end destinations this week.

“This operation stands as a testament to the ability of Logistics Plus to handle complex logistical challenges and our unique global risk management capabilities,” said Jim Berlin, Founder & CEO of Logistics Plus. “It underscores our dedication to delivering solutions in challenging environments, driven by a unified effort across our international teams in Turkey, China, Poland, the USA, and, of course, Ukraine, where LP’s team of over 70 people continues to be a key part of our global business, as well as an inspiration to us all.”

Celebrating 27 years of service, Logistics Plus continues to be a reliable partner in logistics, bridging distances and overcoming obstacles in an ever-changing world to meet the needs of its clients and support communities globally. This operation adds another proud chapter to the company’s storied history of success for its clients across the 50+ countries where it has offices and beyond.

Yuiry Ostapyak comments on WPSE Money Radio:

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