The approval by Ukraine’s Parliament of a newlaw on higher education has been welcomed in Ukraine as a major successfor the Ministry of Education, the National University of Kyiv MohylaAcademy, and the education community in Ukraine.

NaUKMA, under the leadership of Dr.Serhiy Kvit, the university’s president and currentminister of education, and Dr.Vyacheslav Bryukhovetsky, its honorary president, workingtogether, with Dr. LiliaHrynevych, Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Education,and MykhailoZhurovsky, rector of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, whobecame the head of the Committee for the Reform Legislation onHigher Education, along with experts in education reform, had a leadingrole in bringing about the new law. Learn More

Kyiv MohylaFoundation of America, with colleagues in Canada,who formed a group of experts under the leadership of Dr. Roman Petryshyn, also helpedto promote this legislative change through the last 4 years. Learn More
  The New Law Includes:

Provisions for many reforms that will bringUkrainian universities into compliance with the Bologna Agreement, willrecognize foreign degrees, decentralize administration and simplify thebureaucracy, allow more control to universities and expand studentself-governance, and will promote transparency.

The assistance of members of the Ukrainian diaspora in promotingthis educational change are recognized and appreciated. Learn More