The differing feature of DobroRun is that anybody can participate at any place in or outside Ukraine at any time within two days – 24-25 October 2020. All the registration fees will go to the Tabletochki Charity Fund for helping Ukrainian children to fight cancer. Registrations and donations can be done at

Participants will be able to walk, run or ride the selected suitable distance from 500 meters for beginners to 25 kilometers for skilled participants. DobroRun will also welcome those who have "no mood for run, but want to help and have fun". To demonstrate solidarity with children fighting cancer, DobroRun participants will be encouraged to run with their favorite toys.

On 24-25 October two open-air DobroRun fan-zones will be open in Kyiv (at the Vystavkovyi Center and the Natalka Park) where all the registered participants are welcome to run either alone or in a team with the family, friends or colleagues, keeping the safe distance in the open air area. All participants making a charitable donation will get a memorable DobroRun medal.

"The legal profession implies high social obligations. As for any successful business, it is natural for a leading law firm to necessitate contributions for the benefit of society", – comments Asters Senior Partner Armen Khachaturyan. "DobroRun is an inclusive project – it is not about sport competition, but about doing good ("dobro" in Ukrainian) both for runners' own health and for children who need help. We hope and expect the support of this charity project by our clients, business partners, peers and friends in Ukraine and abroad".
"The DobroRun donations will be used for purchasing vitally important medicines for Ukrainian children fighting cancer. Because of inefficient public procurement the much needed medications are in shortage in Ukraine", – says Svitlana Pugach, Strategic Partnership Director at Tabletochki Charity Fund. "Asters has been providing pro bonolegal advice to our fund since 2015. We are very grateful to the firm for its lasting support. In productive partnership with Asters we strive to achieve our dream goal – so that in the nearest future no Ukrainian child dies from cancer".

Tabletochki is a charity fund that supports children with cancer and their families in Ukraine.The Fund works in four areas: targeted support to children, systematic support of cancer departments in Ukrainian hospitals, advocacy of the rights of children with cancer and their families, contribution to the professional development of Ukrainian doctors. More than 4,500 children with cancer have received targeted assistance within 9 years of the Fund’s work

Asters is the largest law firm in Ukraine. Since 2015, Asters lawyers have been providing systematic professional support to Tabletochki Charity Fund in its initiatives to improve the legislation in the field of pediatric oncology, protect the rights of patients and develop the Ukrainian charitable sector, as well as provide pro bono legal support to the Fund..