WASHINGTON, D.C. - TASKO Corporation, a military industrial company, headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, has been approved for membership in the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), the USUBC executive committee announced today on behalf of the entire USUBC membership of over 165 companies and organizations who have business operations, investments or other development programs in Ukraine. 

TASKO Corporation was formed in March 1995 by companies in the military industrial complex of Ukraine to coordinate activities of companies related to munitions and arms manufacturing.  Pursuant to new legislation, changes in the founders list were made, and at present TASKO Corporation is a non-governmental, private, collective enterprise.

TASKO Corporation is involved in manufacturing, repairs, modernizing, and the destruction of munitions for artillery and small arms, as well as in the development and manufacturing of mobile phones which provide information security in general use networks. At present, the corporation is constructing a facility for the utilization and repairs of munitions. The corporation is developing new technologies and manufacturing of equipment for munitions utilization and manufacturing.

TASKO corporation has been cooperating in a program with the Government of Ukraine (GOU) and the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Cooperation (OPIC). This implementation of this program allowed OPIC, in December of 2009, to announce it was open for business in Ukraine.

USUBC has been working Valeriy Pavlyukov, President of TASKO Corporation, since 2008," said Morgan Williams, Director, Government Affairs, Washington Office, for the SigmaBleyzer Private Equity Investment Management Group, who serves as President of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), "USUBC is most pleased to have TASKO Corporation as a member and have the opportunity to continue to work with them as they expand their operations." Valeriy Pavlyukov will represent TASKO on the USUBC board of directors.

USUBC now has over one-hundred sixty-five members. Membership in January of 2005 was eight, in January of 2007 was 22, reached 100 by January of 2009 and topped 150 in January of 2011.  The complete list of USUBC members can be found at: http://www.usubc.org/members.php. For a complete list of the USUBC board of directors go to the following link: