WASHINGTON, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Ukrainian titanium innovator Velta and its US-based parent company announced they have contracted the global engineering consultancy Hatch to design a new, world-class titanium manufacturing facility in the United States. Velta's planned US facility to produce titanium powders—bypassing the classic sponge stage through a revolutionary new method—will be among the first new titanium plants to open in the US in recent history.

"This new partnership brings Velta one step closer to bringing our revolutionary titanium powder technology to the US market, which is dangerously over-reliant on foreign supply chains," Velta chief executive officer Andriy Brodsky said. "Hatch's expertise in optimizing metallurgical facility design and operation will help Velta meet the enormous, unmet US demand for quality titanium. We're ready to get to work."

Velta is currently engaged in an intensive site selection process. The facility Hatch has been retained to help design will become one of only a small number of US facilities producing titanium after decades of declining domestic production. The capacity of the new facility is being designed to produce upwards of 1,000 tonnes of titanium powder per annum with the potential to scale.

Hatch is an engineering and project implementation consultancy with experience in various metal and minerals projects, including various TiO2 projects globally.

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About Velta LLC and Velta Holding US, Inc.
Velta Holding US, Inc. owns the Ukraine-based Velta LLC, a privately-owned titanium feedstock producer that built its mining and processing complex from scratch. Leveraging 15 years of success in the titanium sector, Velta launched a research and development project in 2017 to invent a new method of titanium production. This revolutionary, carbon-conscious approach has already received two US patents. Learn more at Velta.us