Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been cruelly and cynically targeted in recent months with more than 40% of power facilities damaged by shelling. The immediate priority, of course, is to ensure that millions of Ukrainians survive the winter months with access to functioning electricity, water and heat.

 The longer-term goal is to ensure that the reconstruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure is undertaken using the latest global technologies and with an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability.

 It is clear that Ukraine’s stated aim of creating a carbon-neutral and self-sufficient energy system can be boosted by stimulating investment in renewable energy and integrating Ukraine into Europe-wide hydrogen initiatives.

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 The Ukrainian Energy Transition Forum has been convened to bring together all the key stakeholders – Ukrainian officials, private and state energy companies, renewables developers and their advisors, suppliers and financiers – to meet with their international counterparts to gain a clear assessment of the requirements and to formulate an action plan to build Ukraine’s energy infrastructure back better.

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