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- The spirit of reform lives on in Ukraine — but not because of the president;
- anticorruption CSOs appealed against President’s decision on appointment of Zhebrivskyi as NABU auditor;
- anticorruption court news; 
- Kholodnytskyi’s family received half a hectare of land near Kyiv for free;
- newly appointed Head of Donetsk Oblast Administration did not file an asset declaration;
- Tymoshenko’s medical “braid”: “the new course” for the inner circle;
- AntAC achieved termination of contract of public procurement with blacklisted company;
- recommended reading


The Spirit Of Reform Lives On In Ukraine — But Not Because of the President

Ukraine’s path toward democracy remains fragile and reversible. Activists and reformers within government fight every single day to defend the gains they have made since the 2013-2014 Euromaidan revolution. The president offers verbal support for anti-corruption tools, institutions and activists, but the authorities he controls attack them.

Kyiv’s fight against graft has brought successful results, mostly in spite of the president.

Full text of the article by Daria Kaleniuk and Melinda Haring for the Washington Post


Anticorruption CSOs Appeal Against President’s Decision On Appointment of Pavlo Zhebrivskyi as NABU Auditor

AntAC, TI-Ukraine and AutoMaidan filed a lawsuit against President Poroshenko regarding appointment of Pavlo Zhebrivskyi as NABU auditor in violation of law. Activists call on for depriving Zhebrivskyi of this position by cancellation of the President’s Decree. According to the law, NABU auditor must have work experience in law enforcement agencies, judicial bodies abroad or in international organizations. Zhebrivskyi has no such experience, according to his official biography. More details


Anticorruption Court News 

Legal and procedural options how to fix the issue with the appellate procedure in top corruption cases - more details


Kholodnytskyi’s Family Received Half a Hectare of Land Near Kyiv For Free

Anticorruption Prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytskyi and his family received 5 plots of land – 0.48 ha in total – for free in 2012-2015. Four of them are situated in Kyiv suburbs - in the raion where Kholodnytskyi had previously worked as a prosecutor. More details.


Newly Appointed Head of Donetsk Oblast Administration Did Not File An Asset Declaration

Newly Appointed Head of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration Oleksandr Kuts did not file an income and assets declaration, presumably hiding behind his work in the SBU.

On June 22, President Poroshenko signed a decree on the appointment of Oleksand Kuts as the head of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration. He previously served as a general of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). The national law prescribes that candidates for the posts of oblast administration heads should submit electronic declarations before appointment. A failure to do this envisages criminal liability. More details


Tymoshenko’s Medical “Braid”: “The New Course” For The Inner Circle

Procurement of out-of-order baby incubators, fake ambulances and “Tamiflu” of swine flu are four times the price of its manufacturer – here are forgotten tales by Ukrainians from the time Yulia Tymoshenko was the Prime-minister.

However, these “golden” times are well-remembered by notorious distributors, shell firms and former chiefs of pharmaceutics regulators from “Batkivshchyna” allies. 

Nowadays these entrepreneurs, taken away from the Ministry of Healthcare budget, are forced to work in international procurements of medicines reality, even though they are still making attempts to get the lost sources of super-profits back.

As for Ms. Tymoshenko, she has recently started her own crusade against new team of Ulana Suprun, acting minster of Health of Ukraine, and international procurement organizations. Full text of Oleksandra Ustinova's article. 


AntAC achieved termination of contract of public procurement with blacklisted company - more details


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