ASTARTA received an ESG Risk Rating score of 27.4 as of September, 2021 from Sustainalytics. This ESG Risk Rating score ranks ASTARTA   2nd out of 89 companies that Sustainalytics covers in their Agriculture Subindustry globally, and 93rd  out of 561 in their Food Products Industry. Sustainalytics provides ESG Risk Ratings on over 13,000 companies globally.

Sustainalytics recognised the Company’s management of material ESG issues such as Community Relations, Human Capital, Human Rights and Business Ethics, as strong. The assessment also covers a host of material ESG topics such as Resource Use, Land Use, Biodiversity, Corporate Governance, Carbon and Corporate Governance, among others.

Viktor Ivanchyk, the founder and the CEO of ASTARTA-KYIV:
“Until recently, sustainable business was considered as a niche approach to financing and investment, today it is an important element of financial strategy and investment decisions. Responsibility towards nature and social environment is a sustainable way forward, without which it will be difficult for Ukraine and Ukrainian businesses to position themselves favourably in the world market of capital, goods and services.
Investors, bankers, experts and other stakeholders are now analysing the long-term effectiveness of investments, assessing them according to environmental, social and management (ESG) criteria. They pay attention to how these factors affect the long-term financial risk and return on investment. After all, it is the integration of these factors into financial and business decisions that will help to solve today's global challenges”.
ASTARTA’s stakeholders can familiarize themselves with the Summary of the ESG Risk Rating Report on Sustainalytics’ and ASTARTA’s websites.