Asters team assisted the charitable foundation Olson Family Trust with the first part of humanitarian mission in Ukraine. The goal of the mission is to help Ukrainian army and citizens during the wartime in the following directions:

  • delivery of humanitarian aid (food, medicines, personal items, children's products) to the frontline zones
  • evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from the war zone to the western part of Ukraine as well as arranging housing for them
  • financial support to the Ukrainian farmers who suffered damages and losses from Russian military aggression
  • update the US donors and federal government on the ways to support Ukraine 
  • support and guidance to the US journalists who spread information about Russian crimes in Ukraine

Asters provided comprehensive legal assistance to Director of the Olson Family Trust Chuck Olson prior to and during his visit to Ukraine and implementation of the first phase of the mission. The team advised on legal issues related to crossing the border and staying in Ukraine, delivery of humanitarian aid, as well as assisted in communication with the Ukrainian state authorities and charitable organizations. Asters' team working on the project included Senior Partner Armen Khachaturyan, Partner Yaroslav Petrov, Counsel Maksym Tereshchuk, Associate Anastasiia Pozhar.

Summarizing the first visit to Ukraine, Chuck Olson comments: "We Americans will stand with you in war, and we will stand with you in victory – and we will stand with you during your recovery and reconstruction, to allow Ukraine to celebrate peace through its newfound greatness as a beacon of democracy and freedom for all of Europe to emulate".

Senior Partner Armen Khachaturyan comments: "It feels really good to assist in implementation of such a noble humanitarian mission led by a man with a big heart Chuck Olson. We share his "Power of One" approach where a single contribution in a big cause, such as helping Ukraine, multiplied by many contributors, will make a difference. Ukraine is in need of such help and is grateful to each helper”.