At a meeting in Kyiv earlier this week, BAE Systems announced it has established a local legal entity and signed agreements with the Ukrainian Government to ramp up the Company’s support to Ukraine’s armed forces and to explore the supply of light guns to Ukraine. 

BAE Systems originally manufactured much of the equipment that governments have provided to Ukraine. Working with neighbouring NATO countries, the Company is currently providing support, training and repairs to the Ukrainian armed forces.

The first agreement reinforces BAE Systems’ support to Ukraine. It paves the way for the Company to work alongside Armed Forces Ukraine (AFU) to understand and support its future force structure and capability requirements and to help revitalise Ukraine’s industrial base. The second agreement builds on that support and creates a framework for BAE Systems to work directly with Ukraine to explore potential partners and how it could ultimately facilitate the production of 105mm Light Guns in the country. BAE Systems has set up a local entity ready to support such aspirations.

These agreements come days after Ukraine and Sweden signed a statement of intent to strengthen cooperation in production, operation, training, and servicing of the CV90 platform, which is currently manufactured by BAE Systems’ Hägglunds business in Sweden.

Alongside our government customers, we’ve been discussing with President Zelenskyy and his team how to best evolve the support that we’re already providing to Ukraine. Signing the agreements and establishing a legal entity in Ukraine builds on our existing trust and support and paves the way for us to work together to provide more direct support to the Ukrainian armed forces.Charles Woodburn, Chief Executive, BAE Systems


I am grateful to BAE Systems for the bold decision to stand side by side with us in the fight against Russian aggression and building the future of the Ukrainian defence industry. Together with the company, we will be able to localize the production of advanced weapons.Oleksandr Kamyshin, Ukraine’s Minister for Strategic Industry