Washington, D.C.-- Air Tractor, Inc., Olney, Texas, is the leading manufacturer of agricultural aircraft. In addition to agricultural crop spraying, Air Tractor also manufactures single turbine engine aircraft for aerial firefighting efforts as well as a wide range of rugged utility and military applications.

Air Tractor, https://airtractor.com/, has enjoyed profound success in the United States and abroad since Leland Snow founded the company in 1972. The enduring quality, precision performance, and optimal safety standards of the aircraft has made Air Tractor a recognizable staple in crop production markets around the globe.  Air Tractor is a member of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).

The airplanes have improved crop yields, granted greater precision for fertilizer and pesticide application, and maximized profits for farmers and spray service providers around the world seeking to spray hectares on an industrial scale.

The factory in Olney, Texas manufactures an extensive line of agricultural aircraft with hopper capacities ranging from 1,514 to 3,028 liters. The customizable product choices have positioned Air Tractor as a seasoned exporter who can provide the right service for customers both great and small among the world’s diverse ag markets.

American-made quality and the trusted Air Tractor brand have propelled approximately 1,200 of the company’s total 3,800 airplanes produced to more than 30 countries.

Air Tractor’s success around the globe would not be possible without the worldwide dealer network that facilitates airplane sales and continues to support post-sale customer needs with training, parts, and support.

NOTICE:  Air Tractor, Inc. is currently seeking dealership candidates to generate sales, support customers, and propel the Air Tractor brand into ag sectors in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Greater Eurasia. Desired partner must have a background in agriculture and aviation as well as an understanding of local customs, languages, and aviation culture. 

For more information, please visit: https://airtractor.com/

USUBC NOTE: Air Tractor is a long-time member of U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), Wash, D.C. www.USUBC.org.  If you are intrested in working with Air Tractor please contact USUBC President Morgan Williams, mwilliams@usubc.org