Conducting enhanced due diligence, collecting actionable strategic intelligence, running business diplomacy projects, and performing complex corporate investigations around the world, we at COSA have already enriched our expertise in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. However, the ever-changing global business environment challenges us to expand our on-the-ground capabilities and expertise in the most exciting locations globally in order to unleash the potential of international businesses even in times of critical turbulence, while keeping them safe and compliant.  

We are happy to announce that we are joined by Safian Khan as Partner at COSA, and Advisory Board Member Farhat Asif, both experts with extensive knowledge of international relations, conflict and peace studies, as well as deep understanding of the South Asian region. Our new colleagues’ professional background and experience in building networks amongst business circles, diplomats, media, authorities, and civil society organizations based in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan will help us to enhance our expertise regarding business streamlining and expansion in South Asia, as well as to improve our corporate intelligence solutions in the political and integrity risk aspects for the benefit of our clients and the environment we all live and operate in.

The Ukrainian context here is crucial, as we see the growing role of Asian markets in the interconnected international security and compliance aspects, and believe that there is much more to learn and understand about them, so that our clients could respond adequately to complex challenges.

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