On 13 August 2020, the Law of Ukraine “On State Regulation of Organizing and Conducting Gambling” (the “Law”) enters into force. It provides for the lift of an encompassing gambling ban, effective in Ukraine since 2009. It aims at establishing a regulated gambling market in Ukraine, open for both Ukrainian and foreign investors.

The Law legitimises major land-based and online gambling verticals:

  • land-based casinos
  • online casinos
  • betting (online and offline)
  • slot machines halls
  • online poker

Offline gambling (land-based casinos, betting in betting shops and slot machines halls) shall take place only in the hotels of a certain category and out-of-town recreation complexes, depending on their location (Kyiv or other cities):

  • for land-based casinos in Kyiv – 5 star hotels, 150+ rooms
  • for land-based casinos in other cities – 5 and 4 star hotels, 100+ rooms
  • for betting shops and slot machines halls – 3-5 star hotels, 50+ rooms in Kyiv / 25+ rooms in other cities

The Law provides for a separate gambling services license. It covers services on provision of software, used by gambling operators in their activity.

Each license validity term is 5 years. The Law does not limit a number of licenses an entity may obtain.

The Law does not regulate lotteries which are not considered games of chance and are governed by an existing Law of Ukraine “On State Lotteries” with certain amendments.