Sloviansk TPP, PJSC Donbasenergo's main structural unit, increased the volume of electricity production to 3372 million kWh over 12 months of 2019, which exceeded the target of 5.5% approved by the Company's Supervisory Board.

Last year's production of electricity for Sloviansk TPP was profitable, the actual profitability is 2.5%, but decreased by 5.46% compared to the planned figure.

At the same time, the adverse effects of the decreasing profit margin of commercial production were compensated for through timely steps to optimize cost items: the actual cost of 1 kWh was reduced from 197.37 to 173.59 kopecks, or by 12%, including by reducing the fuel factor from 156.22 to 137.84 kopecks, or by 11.8%.

For reference: As of January 01, 2019, 60.86% holder of PJSC Donbasenergo is ENERGOINVEST HOLDING Private Joint Stock Company, 25% + 1 share are held by the state represented by the State Property Fund of Ukraine, 14.14% holders are other minority shareholders.

PJSC Donbasenergo unites two power plants: Sloviansk and Starobeshevo TPP (the latter has been located in the territory beyond the control of Ukraine since 2014). Since March 2017, due to the suspension of management, annual performance indicators of assets located in the temporarily occupied Donetsk region are not included in Donbasenergo records of accounts.

The installed capacity of Sloviansk TPP is 880 MW.