The Kyiv Post is currently doing a series about how are businesses such as yours manage under the current shutdown. It’s gonna be published as a short Q&A, but there is no word limit, so feel free to answer as much as you can.

Here are the questions:

Please describe your business and its structure in a few words? (when was it created, and what is it)

1. How has the quarantine affected your business, and how much do you expect to lose because of it?

2. What were the most difficult decisions you had to make because of the quarantine?

3. What will happen to your business, and how long can you keep going?

4. How are you operating now, and what is your plan if the quarantine is extended?

5. What makes you keep going despite the difficulties?

6. What kind of help do you receive from the government/local authorities, and what do you expect from them?

7. What would you like to tell the government and local authorities?

8. What do you want to say to the business community?

Here is an example of the format:

Another thing, we would also need photos to illustrate the stories - the best option would be to send our Kyiv Post photographer for a photo shoot in front of your business. If it is not possible for confinement reasons, or if you are working remotely, you can also send us the photos you have, but preferably horizontal ones, to fit the format.

We publish these Q&A on a daily basis, so the deadline is as soon as possible, if your schedule allows it, of course.

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