USUBC President Morgan Williams and other key experts discussed in the Atlantic Council a Doctrine of Sustainable Development for Ukraine presented by Serhiy Taruta, Member of Parliament of Ukraine. The meeting took place in Washington on Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

To read the Doctrine, please open the PDF Files: 

In the picture left to right: John Herbst, Atlantic Council; Michele Small, EBRD; Edi Segura, Sigma Bleyzer; Anders Aslund, Atlantic Council; Morgan Williams, USUBC; Serhiy Taruta, Parliament of Ukraine.

The panel featured: Dr. Anders Åslund, Senior Fellow, Eurasia Center; Dr. Edi Segura, Chairman of the Board; Partner and Chief Economist The Blezyer Foundation; SigmaBleyzer; Michele Small; Director, Head of the Washington DC Representative Office; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Morgan Williams President; US-Ukraine Business Council and was moderated by Ambassador John Herbst; Director, Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council.

In the picture: Serhiy Taruta, presenting a Paper Ukraine 2030: The  Doctrine of Sustainable Development.

Ukraine has made significant progress on ambitious economic and financial reforms in recent years. Steps have been taken to intensify the fight against corruption and boost economic growth across a range of sectors. However, much work is still needed for Ukraine’s economic development and improvement of the socio-economic situation. In addition, to focus on specific reforms and bolstering investor confidence, strategies for long-term sustainable development must also be considered.


In the picture: Anders Aslund, Atlantic Council; Serhiy Taruta, Parliament of Ukraine; Morgan Williams, USUBC.

All panelist agreed that it is critical for Ukraine to move towards decentralization, work hard on obtaining more direct foreign investment and continue reforms in all key fields. It's time to act now!