KPMG Ukraine invites women business leaders to participate in the annual KPMG Global Female Leaders Outlook 2023.

The purpose of the survey is to collect and analyze the views of women in leadership positions in organizations around the world and in Ukraine on the economic and business outlook amid the polycrisis caused by the consequences of the COVID-2019 pandemic, the full-scale war in Ukraine, and global economic, and political challenges in the world.

This year's KPMG Global Female Leaders Outlook puts a special focus on the impact of the polycrises not just from the business perspective, but also on the individual level. 
How do the personal consequences of ongoing firefighting differ for male and female senior leaders? Do they demonstrate different crisis management strategies, leading to different resilience of their organizations – both in terms of business performance, and in terms of employee health and retention?

About the survey

The survey consists of three sets of questions:

  1. economic outlook, strategy, technology, ESG, diversity & inclusion;
  2. overcoming polycrises, women's leadership style and career challenges;
  3. basic questions about organizational processes and key success factors for female leadership careers.


  • The survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.
  • Answer as many questions as possible. It is not mandatory to answer all questions. Your vote will still be accepted.
  • The survey will be open until the 21st of May 2023.
  • The results of the survey will be released in August 2023.
  • All responses will remain strictly confidential: we will only publish aggregated results.

The results of the survey will be released in August.

To take the survey, please follow the link: