On 2 February, Mastercard Company merges its two offers into a single platform. Mastercard Rewards Program becomes a part of Mastercard Bilshe Program, and exclusive gifts will be available in one click, which is very convenient. All accumulated points will be preserved.  

If your card participated in both programs, all offers will be available on the single website, and available gifts and benefits will be displayed automatically. If your card participated only in Mastercard Bilshe, your accumulated points turn silver and their number remains unchanged. In both cases, there is no need to re-register with Mastercard Bilshe program if you have already done it in May 2020.

If your card participated only in Mastercard Rewards program, the accumulated points will be preserved and will turn gold in the updated Mastercard Bilshe program.  To continue using the benefits of the program, you need to register on the website and to add all your cards in the section “Profile” of the program menu.

See detailed information for Mastercard Rewards program participants here, for Mastercard Bilshe program participants here.

Should you have any questions, contact the call-center of Mastercard 0 800 33 24 12 or the call-center of Credit Agricole 0800 305 555.

Mastercard Bilshe is where everyone gets plenty of gifts, surprises and unique experience!