On Wednesday, June 27, USUBC held a roundtable with members of Ukrainian Parliament from ‘Samopomich’ Party, Iegor Soboliev and Ivan Miroshnichenko during their working visit to Washington, D.C.

In the picture left to right: Viktor Kovalenko, RULG; Eric Luhmann, Amsted Rail; Lewis Madanick, Open World Leadership Center; Van Yeutter, Cargill; Ivan Miroshnichenko, MP; Sarah Dean, John Deere; Morgan Williams, USUBC; iegor Soboliev, MP; Tanya Shea, people of Ukraine Fund; Jack Heller, USUBC. 

Both Iegor Soboliev and Ivan Miroshnichenko have actively participated in the adoption of the Law on Anti-Corruption Court in Ukraine and shared with USUBC members their views about this new piece of legislation and how to establish the Anti-Corruption Court in an efficient manner given all the obstacles and challenges in this process.

In the picture: Ivan Miroshnichenko (left); Iegor Soboliev (Right)

Ivan Miroshnichenko also presented the idea of the New Economic Doctrine for Ukraine, which would promote development of the strongest sectors of Ukraine’s economy with highest potential, such as agriculture, energy, space, nuclear bringing them on an international level with high scale bilateral agreements.

According to Ivan, only strong economic and business cooperation between Ukraine and the U.S. can ensure long-term relations between 2 countries.

Iegor Soboliev who until recently chaired the Committee on Preventing and Fighting Corruption of the Verkhovna Rada [Parliament of Ukraine], told about the effectiveness of the system of electronic declarations in Ukraine and current selection of judges for the future anti-corruption court.

USUBC president Morgan Williams briefly shared his Ukraine Trip repost after he spent three weeks in Ukraine in June.

During the Q&A session USUBC members expressed their thoughts about the extreme need to modernize Ukrainian railways and locomotives, open land market and tackling the black market economy.

In the picture left to right: Eric Luhman, Amsted Rail; Sarah Dean, John Deere; Morgan Williams; USUBC.

The following companies attended the roundtable with Iegor Soboliev and Ivan Miroshnichenko: John Deere, Amsted Rail, The Greenbrier, Summit Strategies, WFUMA, Chemonics International, Open World Leadership Center; RULG-Ukrainian Legal Group; People of Ukraine Fund; Promontory Financial Group and others.

USUBC members appreciate the continuous dialogue with both members of Ukrainian Parliament and look forward to the upcoming meetings with Iegor and Ivan.