An LNG [liquefied national gas] tanker,contracted by PGNiG [Poland] on behalf of the U.S. company ERU [Energy Resources of Ukraine], will arrive at the President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal in Świnoujście, Poland at the beginning of November, 2019.

The LNG will be injected into the Polish transmission system after regasification, from where it will reach Ukraine via the gas connection in Hermanowice. The contract between ERU Corporation (US), PGNiG (Poland) and ERU Trading LLC (Ukraine), will realize this delivery in November of this year, with further deliveries under discussion.

“PGNiG has built up extensive competences on the LNG market over the past three years. We have the opportunity to purchase LNG on competitive terms from reliable suppliers from around the world. We also have reserved full capacity at the terminal in Świnoujście – we expect 39 deliveries next year – and have the available capacity in the gas pipeline system in Poland and on its borders. This makes PGNiG a natural partner for cooperation in building a modern and secure gas market in our part of Europe," according to Piotr Wozniak, President, PGNiG Management Board.

"Several years of cooperation with our partners from the Ukrainian Group, ERU is the best proof of this,” commented Piotr Woźniak.“Currently, the only limitation in the development of exports to Ukraine on an even larger scale is the capacity of gas pipelines in Poland in the direction of Silesia–Podkarpacie. We expect the capacity of these gas pipelines to be expanded by 2021 at the latest,” added Mr. Woźniak.

Imports of liquefied natural gas to Poland are growing dynamically. While in 2016 LNG accounted for about 8.5 percent in the entire import structure, in 2018 it was over 20 percent. Since the commencement of the terminal in Świnoujście, PGNiG has already received nearly 70 LNG loads with a total volume of circa 7.5 billion cubic meters, after regasification. While in 2018 PGNiG welcomed one spot delivery of American LNG, by the end of August 2019 it has already received four spot deliveries, one under a medium-term contract and one under a long-term contract.


“We continue to maintain our reputation as pioneers in the implementation of the most ambitious tasks in the regional energy sector. Thanks to our Polish partnership, we are making tangible breakthroughs in building a transatlantic gas supply corridor from the USA to Ukraine,” said Dale Perry, President of ERU Corporation, [a member of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council], commenting on this deal.

“We contracted this volume for the purpose of injecting and storing it for further delivery to consumers in the winter season – this way we contribute to the country's energy safety during uncertain and especially risky winter period 2019-2020,” said Yaroslav Mudryy, Director of the ERU TRADING LLC. “In this case, taking to the account well developed gas transportation system, Ukraine may not be the last destination for American LNG, it can be successfully delivered to countries like Hungary, Romania and even Moldova,” he added.

PGNiG and ERU have been cooperating for several years. In August 2016, PGNiG started exporting gas to Ukraine, where the recipient was the Ukrainian trading partner. In the past, both companies also jointly supplied natural gas for the needs of Ukrtransgaz – Ukrainian operator of transmission network and storage system.

About PGNiG ---

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG), a publicly-listed company, majority-owned by the Polish government,  deals with exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil and – through its branches and key companies from the Capital Group – with import, storage, sales, distribution of gaseous and liquid fuels, production of heat and electricity as well as geophysical and drilling services. Its subsidiaries and branches carry out exploration and production activities in Norway and Pakistan, gas sales in Germany and LNG trading through an office in London

About ERU ---

Energy Resources of Ukraine (ERU) is 100% privately-owned group of companies with the foreign investments, specializes in development of energy projects in Ukraine. The company combines over 35 years of international energy development and management expertise with in-depth understanding of local market. In 2016 -2019 Ukrainian trader ERU TRADING, the subsidiary of ERU Corporation, holds the leading positions among private importers of natural gas. In July 2019 ERU TRADING became the first company that imported electricity from Europe to Ukraine.

NOTE: Energy Resources of Ukraine (ERU), is a long-time member of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC),  USUBC congratulated EUR on this major achievement to assist with Ukraine's movement to more energy independence.