Washington D.C., September 19 – The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) is proud to welcome MSI Defense Solutions (https://www.msidefense.com/) as its newest member. MSI Defense is a leading provider of defense and aerospace solutions, and its membership in the USUBC will help to strengthen the bilateral defense relationship between the United States and Ukraine.

“We are excited to join the USUBC and to work with its members to support the Ukrainian people and their economy. Ukraine is a key strategic partner of the United States, and we believe that the USUBC plays a vital role in strengthening the ties between our two countries.” said David Holden, President of MSI Defense Solutions. “

“We are pleased to welcome MSI Defense to the USUBC,” said Morgan Williams, USUBC CEO and President. “MSI Defense Solutions is a leader in the defense and aerospace industry, and its membership in the USUBC will help strengthen the bilateral relationship between the United States and Ukraine. We appreciate MSI Defense's role in strengthening the Ukraine Armed Forces.”

MSI Defense Solutions is committed to supporting the Ukrainian people and their economy. The company has provided millions of dollars worth of military equipment and supplies to Ukraine, and it is working to develop new technologies that can help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression.

MSI, a trailblazer in combat and combat support environments, is revolutionizing defense technology by rapidly delivering cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions that empower customers with enhanced capabilities. With a focus on innovation and agility, MSI leverages the latest technologies and pioneering techniques to expedite design, engineering, and delivery across various systems, from suspension and mechanical design to communications infrastructures, command and control systems, electronic controls, mechatronics, and ATF FFL Level 9-compliant weapon systems.

MSI's streamlined approach ensures accelerated manufacturing timelines without compromising quality, allowing timely responses to evolving needs. Rigorous analytical and mechanical testing, including airdrop assessments, EMI chamber testing, and performance and durability evaluations, validate MSI's solutions in real-world scenarios, setting new industry standards. As MSI continues to shape the future of defense technology, customers can confidently rely on its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

About MSI Defense Solutions https://www.msidefense.com/ 

MSI Defense Solutions was founded with one goal in mind – to transfer our 300 plus years of contemporary motorsports experience to military vehicles and systems in the form of components, technology, and processes. Our employees have enjoyed success at the highest levels of racing and vehicle design, testing, and development. Along the way, they have accumulated countless years of experience in off-road racing, motorcycle and motocross racing, NASCAR, Formula 1 and premium road car development. MSI produces some of the most technologically advanced, highest performance vehicle and integration systems for use on land, air, and water. It’s the collaborative expertise and shared technologies that allow MSI to design the right part, the first time, for your mission now and years ahead.

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