On Nov. 4, the annual Celebrate Ukraine Concert took place in Kyiv Philharmonic, performed by the National Bandurist Capella of Ukraine, with 60 vocalists and instrumentalists.

The National Bandurist Capella of Ukraine performs the art of the bandura, a cherished instrument in Ukrainian culture.

All members of the group are musicians who both sing and play the bandura. The group performs historical, folk, religious, Christmas, traditions, hymns, and ballads.

“The National Bandurist Capella of Ukraine is one of the very best, most outstanding performing groups in all of Ukraine. Their concerts are amazing, uplifting, powerful, moving and not to be missed,” said Morgan Williams, president of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, a 200-member association, which sponsored the event.

Raisa Chornogus, the director of The National Bandurist Capella of Ukraine, thanked Williams for his support as the group celebrates its 101st anniversary.

LINK: https://www.kyivpost.com/multimedia/photo/national-bandura-chapel-gives-concert-in-kyiv?fbclid=IwAR10evpBk4asm_PNqg4p9KVXXFtd6NUuxHIT5m_KfWWtWDIaBOJbnYBnn3Q