WASHINGTON, D.C. – OdesaGaz Postachannya, a private company, is an established gas supplier to over 500,000 residential customers in the City of Odesa and the region, has become the latest Ukrainian firm to join the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC). 


OdesaGaz Postachannya (OdesaGaz) has been a reliable supplier of gas services to individual consumers since 2001. Despite having to overcome obstacles of state-owned suppliers not honoring contracts and dealing with inefficient consumption, due to outdated customer equipment, the management of OdesaGaz Postachannya has persevered and built the company into the leading supplier of natural gas in the region. The company employs over 200 people who make sure that the critically vital heat and hot water services are provided to the residents on the timely basis.

To address its key problems of inefficient consumption, OdesaGaz Postachannya has begun preparations for a $30 million financing application to USDFC (formerly OPIC) to secure long-term funds, which would enable the company to replace outdated furnace equipment and to provide the residents with fixed priced gas contracts to help them manage wild market pricing fluctuations.  The project is expected to reduce gas consumption, increase efficiency and result in significant greenhouse gas emission reduction.

OdesaGaz Postachannya will work with USUBC, US and UA Commercial Attaches at the respective Embassies and with private legal and financial advisory companies to help identify suitable US and international suppliers, structure the financing package and deal with local issues, which may present obstacles during the project financing and fulfillment stages.

“We are honored to become members of the US Ukraine Business Council” said Oleksandr Bemm, Director of OdesaGaz Postachannya. “We view this organization as the leading voice in the US Ukraine’s business relations, as well as a staunch advocate of its members against political and business injustice.  Ukraine has been on a very positive trajectory over the last several years and it is important that issues, such as adherence to contracts and positive investment climate are maintained.” Said Oleksandr Bemm.

"USUBC is very pleased to have OdesaGaz Postachannya as its latest member," said Morgan Williams, who serves as President/CEO of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), www.USUBC.org.

NOTE: For additional information on OdesaGaz Postachannya visit www.gazpostach.od.ua