WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) strongly condemns the Russian invasion of its peaceful and sovereign neighbor, Ukraine, and is horrified by the atrocities being committed by Russian forces.  We are shocked to see this major threat to freedom, democracy and stability in Europe.

USUBC members are strongly supporting Ukraine and its heroic people. USUBC supports fully the sanctions and other restrictions being implemented by the United States and other countries around the world, demanding an end to this horrific Russian aggression.

USUBC encourages and supports our more than 200 members who have provided much needed assistance and support to Ukraine, its courageous leadership, its military, and its people.  USUBC members have been working to support strong U.S.-Ukraine business ties for over 30 years.  Our members will continue to do business in Ukraine and to stand with the Ukrainian people.

USUBC started rapidly expanding its work in support of Ukraine's freedom and independence in late November, 2021 when the threats of Russian President against Ukraine became more severe and Russian troop were gathering on the borders of Ukraine.  That work has continued to expand rapidly through today.

USUBC, www.USUBC.org, sponsored major on-line meetings/events to inform members about the latest developments from top analysts and commentators such as Ambassador John Herbst, Ambassador William Taylor, Ambassador Steve Piper, Ambassador Kurt Volker, former Deputy Assistant Secretary David Kramer, and Deputy Assistant Secretary Robin Dunnigan.

The registrations for these meetings ranged from 200 to 350.  USUBC has organized and sponsored sixty webinars since March of 2020.  All of the webinars can be viewed on the USUBC page on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/USUkraineBusinessCouncil/videos.

USUBC has also keep its members informed about current developments regarding Putin's war against Ukraine through sending out a large number of articles, op-ed's, analysis & commentaries, statements by leading authorities, the Ukrainian War Bulletin and other publications.

USUBC has been in constant contact with the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA to respond to their requests and to support their work.  Many USUBC members have made significant contributions to the relief effort ranging from five thousand dollars to two million dollars.

Almost immediately after the actual invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces USUBC started working collecting information about what organizations would be collecting funds, gathering needed supplies and shipped containers to Ukraine.  Information has been distributed about Ukrainian Freedom Fund (UFF), DAAR Charitable Foundation, United Help Ukraine, RAZOM, Support Ukraine Humanitarian Effort, Support Hospital in Ukraine, Meest-America, Operation "Ukraine Airlift", Help Ukraine, Army SOS, ATN: Helping Ukraine Military, U.S.-Ukraine Activists, Breath Fund, Ukrainian Federation of America, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA).

USUBC has been in contact with and connecting several hundred people and businesses about donations, transportation, military equipment, medical supplies, food, and other supplies needed in Ukraine.

USUBC would like to connect with additional persons and companies about their interest and work to help the people of Ukraine.  Please contact USUBC at USUBC@USUBC.org, www.USUBC.org.

Slava Ukraini!


LINK: Ukraine Freedom Fund: https://usubc.org/site/recent-news/ukrainian-freedom-fund

LINK: DAAR: https://usubc.org/site/recent-news/daar-charitable-foundation

LINKS: List of Organizations Accepting Donations for People and Army of Ukraine:





LINK: STOP DOING BUSINESS IN RUSSIA - Letter from Dmytro Kuleba, Foreign Minster Of Ukraine: https://usubc.org/site/recent-news/re--letter-from-dmytro-kuleba--foreign-minster-of-ukraine