In October 2020 Skarb&Statok successfully closed a deal on arranging Inland Stock Financing for USD 10 mio for a leader in Oil Crushing Industry in Ukraine Allseeds Group

Vladyslav Vyniarskyi, founder of Skarb&Statok: ” Allseeds debuted in American capital market. Our team of Skarb&Statok structured and attracted financing from one of the largest American Funds, that specialises in commodity finance.  The amount of the transaction equaled USD 10 million for sunflower seeds purchase and processing, as well as export of sunflower seeds and meal.”

Nataliia Vyniarska, co-founder of Skarb&Statok : «It was important to prove to our American partners that there are reputable companies with sustainable track-record and top-notch corporate governance. We are confident that this deal will trigger more capital into Allseeds as well as into Ukrainian agro sector in general.»