Ukrainians once again must fight for their Independence and sacrifice their lives for the future of their nation.

Russia has again brought destruction, devastation, desecration to the Ukrainian land in its demonic, deranged, despicable war.

Ukrainians heroically protect their country, neighbors and all of Europe from the atrocity and barbarity of Putin’s invasion.

The United States, the U.S. business community, the members of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Country continue to firmly stand with Ukraine in its just and courageous fight and supports Ukrainians in every way possible.

Ukraine is proudly celebrating its 31st Independence Day thanks to its dedication to the principles of freedom, democracy, independence, and every victory it achieves over Russia!

Ukrainian soldiers celebrate at a check point in Bucha, in the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, April 3, 2022. Kyiv was a Russian defeat for the ages. It started poorly for the invaders and went downhill from there.
Photo by Rodrigo Abd, Associated Press
LINK: The Defense of Kyiv Was Russia’s Defeat for the Ages

Ukrainian soldiers fire an M777 howitzer
in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, June 2022
Photo by Tyler Hicks, New York Times
LINK: The Real Key to Victory in Ukraine

Snake Island Ukraine. In this combination image, Russian cruiser Moskva,
a drone seen flying near Snake Island, Boris Groh's Ukraine postage stamp
and Ukraine fires rockets at Russian military targets.
UKMOD/Google Maps/Boris Groh
LINK: Ukraine 'Big Victory' at Snake Island Could Be a Turning Point

Photo by Ukrinform
LINK: March 4, 2022: Poll: 82% of Ukrainians believe in victory
LINK: August 22, 2022: More than 90% of Ukrainians believe in victory in war with Russia

A girl with Ukrainian flag stands on a destroyed Russian tank during
an exhibition of destroyed Russian military vehicles on Khreshchatyk
street in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine, August 20, 2022.
Photo by Maxym Marusenko/NurPhoto via Getty Images
LINK: Ukraine holds victory 'parade' of captured Russian tanks to mock Putin who 'dreamt of capturing Kyiv in 3 days'