Our hearts break for the people of Ukraine, many of them our friends, family, and colleagues. In this incredibly difficult time, many are searching for ways to help. 

The Shelter Project: Eurasia Foundation, in partnership with the Kyiv-based East Europe Foundation and a network of over 500 Ukrainian non-governmental organizations, is providing emergency assistance to internally displaced people in Ukraine through the Shelter Project. Please consider donating here.

Recommended: Please consider donating to the following organizations, which come highly recommended by our colleagues in Ukraine. Each organization delivers much-needed humanitarian assistance directly to civilians. 

  • Razom (“Together”) for Ukraine purchases and distributes emergency medical supplies as well as food, blankets, and supplies for people displaced by the conflict. Razom for Ukraine is a 501(c)(3).  
  • United Help Ukraine provides emergency medical supplies and humanitarian aid to internally displaced people in Ukraine, supports wounded warriors, and assists families of those wounded or killed. United Help Ukraine is a 501(c)(3).  
  • Help Ukraine is a supply center based near the Ukraine-Poland border that collects medical and humanitarian resources and distributes them to those in need.  

    EF Legacy Organizations: Eurasia Foundation’s legacy organizations in Ukraine are utilizing their extensive civil society networks to support Ukrainians in crisis. You can support both through monetary donations. 

  • Kyiv School of Economics is raising funds to supply critical medical equipment like first aid and protective kits for first responders and volunteer emergency response forces.