US.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) hosted a special  presentation about "Ukraine's Economic Growth..Report..Analysis..Commentary"  by  Dr. Edi Segura, Partner, Chief Economist SigmaBleyzer/The Bleyzer Foundation. 
The meeting took place in Washington on Thursday, July 12, 2018.

To view the presentation, please open the PDF file: Ukraine- Ec and Bus Situation July 2018.pdf

According to Mr. Segura, Ukraine needs to attract significant foreign investment, up to 15 billion dollars annually for the next 10 years to demonstrate economic growth and get the economy where it was before the crisis. 

He also pointed on the necessity of completing a decentralization program and named key risks that undermine reforms and situation in general. 

The following companies and organizations attended the meeting: OPIC; Dinsmore & Shohl; Embassy of Ukraine in the USA; The Greenbrier; RULG; U.S.-Ukraine Foundation; People of Ukraine Fund; Wiley Rein; U.S. State Department; U.S. Department of Commerce; USAID; Promontory Financial Group; Transatlantic Global Advisory and others. 

In the picture: Edi Segura, Sigma Bleyzer and Pavlo Moiseichenko, Embassy of Ukraine in Washington