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We hope that this update finds you and your close ones safe and healthy.

During this difficult time, we at Ukraine Global Scholars stay as united and positive as ever. Since the founding, all Ukraine Global Scholars business processes have been done online, hence our day-to-day operations haven't been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Almost all of our students are back in Ukraine after the US schools shut down their campuses across the country. We check regularly on those students who were allowed to stay on campuses to ensure that they have what they need and feel safe. We also received many offers from US-based Ukrainian host families, offering their homes to the students - thank you for your incredible support and hospitality! To offset the grim news in the mass media, we wanted to share a few exciting updates.


Boarding School Admission Results

This year 11 of 16 boarding school applicants received full scholarships at Deerfield, Woodberry Forest, Phillips Academy Andover, Lawrenceville, Ethel Walker, St. Andrew's, Masters, St. Mark's, Northfield Mount Hermon, Fryeburg Academy and Taft. Three of them received the prestigious Davis Scholarship, contributing $100K toward college expenses. 

College acceptances will continue coming in over the coming weeks. We will share as a separate update, once we have full clarity on all the placements.




UGS Admission Process

Three weeks left until the end of our admission process which is done online via our website here. The deadline for application submissions is April 15. We would like more talented Ukrainian high school students (grades 8-11) from modest backgrounds with strong English fluency, willingness to study abroad and make a difference back home to apply. Please share this information within your networks. Here you can find our Facebook post with more information on eligibility. We are still figuring out if the in-person summer camp in Slavske is a viable option, potentially to be replaced with an online camp.



UGS Summer Internship Program

As you know, we want all UGS students to come back to Ukraine and make a difference. Not only do they sign a Commitment Letter with us, promising to come back within 5 years after college graduation but they also commit to interning at top Ukrainian companies every summer. In such a way we help them develop their professional networks in Ukraine. Last year, we helped 18 students get summer internships at Deloitte, Mazars Ukraine, ZEO Alliance, East Europe Foundation, Fablab, Chervona Hvilya, UNIT, Verkhovna Rada, Transparency International, Farmak, Sector X Acceleration Platform, UVCA, and Enzym. All organizations were extremely happy with our students. 

This year the challenge is to place 33 students given highly uncertain macroeconomic environment. However, we hope that many Ukrainian companies would be open to our students supporting them remotely. Here you can find our students' CVs, Cover Letters and a spreadsheet summarizing their age, schools, achievements, strengths, and industry/company preferences. Our finalists' preferences vary from finance to non-profits. Please help us share this information so that more students find internships in Ukraine.



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