WASHINGTON, D.C. Orange Pavers secured an 8 372 000 USD 25-year loan underwritten by DimeBank and Small Business Administration (SBA) agency to build an innovative manufacturing facility in Monroe County, Pennsylvania for concrete products manufacturing.

Orange Pavers also plans to develop an industrial park “Pocono Industrial Park” focusing on construction materials manufacturing. This would support the idea of relocating of industrial manufacturing to the US, creating jobs as well as transferring technology the region. Covid-19 proved that production should be localized and importing supplies and materials from China can cause significant delays and disruption.

Roman Romanov, Co-Founder of Orange Pavers stated: “We have built a similar plant in Borodianka in Ukraine last year. Previously we’ve built several plants in the South of Ukraine. In the US we will use European equipment, in-house technological solutions, and inventions. Our products will be very competitive in terms of price and quality. The project has started in 2021, and we expect to launch the US facility in spring of 2023.”

Yevgen Chernetskyy, Co-Founder of Orange Pavers: “We are excited to have started construction itself. It took around a year to obtain all necessary permits, which is not too long for industrial project in my opinion. Obtaining financing also turned out easier than expected due to SBA participation. This factory construction is done in close coordination with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, US commercial service and other government entities. Aiming at creating jobs in the region, our work has not stopped even during the most severe Covid-19 lock-downs.

We expect that modern energy-efficient technology utilized in the new Orange Pavers facility in Pennsylvania will introduce new production culture in the U.S.”