USUBC members were pleased to have another great opportunity to meet with U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and her colleagues from U.S. Embassy in Kyiv last week in Kyiv. 

In the picture left to right: Martin Claessens, Senior Commercial Officer; US. Embassy; Douglas O’Neill, Deputy Economic Counselor, U.S. Embassy; David Sweere, Kyiv-Atlantic Group, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch; Dan Sweere, Kyiv-Atlantic Group; Morgan Williams, President, USUBC; Vadim Sidoruk, DHL Ukraine; Edi Segura, The Bleyzer Foundation, Dmytro Rogovchenko

The meeting took place in the offices of SigmaBleyzer and gathered about 70 members and friends of U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).

Ambassador Yovanovitch briefed the participants about current economic and business developments and government actions in Ukraine which are of interest to the United States and about the current U.S. status of government policies and support regarding Ukraine.  Her presentation was followed by a Q&A session giving a platform for USUBC members to have an open dialogue with Ambassador and her colleagues.  

Martin Claessens, Senior Commercial Officer, Douglas O’Neill, Deputy Economic Counselor, Charles Phillips, Commercial Officer and other officers also represented the U.S. Embassy and participated in discussion.

In the Picture: Gregory Fishman, Deloitte, during the Q&A Session

During the meeting Morgan Williams presented USUBC Distinguished Service Awards to David Sweere and Dan Sweere, father-and-son tandem top-managers of Kyiv-Atlantic Group, a long-time member of U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).

 In the picture: David and Daniel Sweere with their Distinguished Service Awards

This meeting was attended by the following companies: ADM, Agrogeneration, Amsted Rail, APRaD, Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine, asters, Atlantic Group, Baker McKenzie, B.C. Toms, Baxter, Bueling Inc, Cargill Citi, CHS, Delta Airlines, Depsol Technologies, DHL, Dixi Group, DLA Piper, Delloitte, Bunge, The Greenbrier Companies, DTEK, KPMG, Monsanto, Ukrainian Grain Association, Ukrainian Freedom Fund, PwC, RULG, Sanofi, SigmaBleyzer, Ukraine Finance Partners, UkraineInvest, Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, Ukrnaftogaz, USAID, Western NIS Enterprise Fund.
 The head table represented U.S. Embassy team and some members of USUBC Executive Committee

U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) always appreciates an opportunity to have such productive and informative meetings with Ambassador Yovanovitch and U.S. Embassy team!