As the 2017 US-Ukraine Trade and Investment Forum concluded, here is a brief summary.

First of all, on behalf of all the participants and organizers, Paul Hansen and I, would like to  Thank you for your participation, support, and contribution towards its success.  In my opinion, it was indeed a valuable event. Currently, the SABIT, MTO, and NDTO are collecting the feedback and we will go through the “lessons learned” process to evaluate the Forum outcome and to be better prepared for the next year’s Forum.

We are very proud that multiple contract negotiations took place in both North Dakota and Minnesota. Ukrainian delegates and American companies established new relationships and reinforced their existing contacts.  

The Minnesota Trade Office appreciates an opportunity of strengthening our partnership with the U.S. Commercial Service (SABIT) and North Dakota Trade Office assisting American companies in expending their trade activities with Ukrainian businesses.

For those who are interested, you may watch the morning session of the Forum. Dorsey and Whitney video recorded Forum presentations, and here’s the link to the separate parts posted on YouTube

I have placed some photos on Google drive for you to respectfully review and use them. In case if you would like to remove some of the photos, or add a new one, please let me know

Additional professional photos from Crown Iron Works visit may be viewed on this link

We look forward organizing the 2018’s US-Ukraine Ag Trade and Investment Forum.