OnTuesday, January 23, the US-Ukraine Business Council proudly hosted an enriching members' meeting in Kyiv, featuring esteemed speakers Christopher Drake and John Moran from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC). This event marks a significant milestone in the journey towards Ukraine's economic resilience and growth.

Event Highlights:

The meeting, held at the heart of Ukraine's vibrant capital, signified the kick-off of USUBC's 2024 initiative focused on the reconstruction of Ukraine. As the first event in a series dedicated to development and financial opportunities, it proved to be an invaluable platform for participants.

Christopher Drake, Director of the Office of Structured Finance and Insurance at DFC, ht his extensive experience and insights, especially valuable in light of DFC’s commitment to sectors like infrastructure, energy, agriculture, and education in Ukraine.

John Moran, Senior Advisor to the COO at DFC, and a veteran in the field with over two decades of experience, shed light on DFC’s ongoing and future investment initiatives in Ukraine.

A Pivotal Year for Ukraine

2024 stands as a pivotal year for Ukraine's reconstruction. The USUBC is at the forefront, bridging U.S. and Ukrainian business communities. This meeting underscored the critical role of collaborative efforts in fostering economic growth and resilience. DFC's ongoing involvement in Ukraine, with over $800 million in investments, aligns perfectly with USUBC's mission to offer businesses unique opportunities and insights.

The fruitful discussions and insights shared at the event not only emphasize the importance of international cooperation but also highlight the vast potential for businesses in Ukraine. As we continue to support Ukraine's journey, events like these are vital in keeping the business community informed, engaged, and connected.

About DFC Speakers:

Christopher Drake is currently a Director of the Office of Structured Finance and Insurance. He has been with DFC for over two years covering a variety of sectors and geographies with previous experience in the Office of Development Credit. Prior to joining DFC, he spent four years at JP Morgan.

John F. Moran is currently DFC’s Senior Advisor to the Chief Operating Officer, focusing on Ukraine Investment Initiatives. He has been with DFC and its predecessor, Overseas Private Investment Corporations (OPIC) since 2000, serving in a broad range of senior management positions, including Vice President for Political Risk Initiatives, Chief of Staff, and, from 2000-03 as Regional Director for SE Europe, based in Zagreb, Croatia.