• The new “arch” design dealership concept is Jaguar Land Rover global initiative
  • New conceptual Jaguar Land Rover dealership will start operating in 2018 and will be one of the first dealerships in Ukraine built according to the new standards
  • New “arch” design concept will be adapted to all Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in Ukraine

November 15, 2016 Winner Imports Ukraine, LTD. held a groundbreaking ceremony for the first conceptual Jaguar Land Rover dealership in Ukraine. New dealership will be constructed in accordance with the new global “arch” design standards. It will combine both legendary British brands – Jaguar and Land Rover. New generation of dealerships will appear in major cities by the end of 2018 and will fully transform Jaguar Land Rover dealer network in Ukraine.

Construction of the conceptual dealership in Ukraine is an initiative of Winner Imports Ukraine, LTD and Jaguar Land Rover LTD. This remarkable event proves Winner Imports Ukraine, LTD, the official importer of Jaguar Land Rover in Ukraine, commitment to develop automotive business in Ukraine and contribution to its recovery. Moreover, global Jaguar Land Rover strategy aims to expand the business significantly, after the launch of new cars in the Ukrainian market.


The new 7 656 square meters dealership, which includes a showroom, service area, warehouses and parking will be located on the area of 1 hectare. Dealership will have rectangular shape with sharp lines with glass and walnut tree interior elements. Refined lighting will augment the feeling of space and luxury. Showroom will be divided into two parts – to represent Jaguar and Land Rover, respectively. Customer zone will include showroom for 7 Jaguars and 7 Land Rovers, car configurator area with samples of interior and exterior colors, collections of accessories and merchandising, waiting area and cafe.

Service area will be equipped with 15 lifts, 14 posts, and 2 carwash lines. High-tech service will be provided by qualified technicians who will pass regular trainings at Winner College, and will be accredited by leading Jaguar Land Rover professionals.


New dealership will employ 47 employees of various professional fields. To provide the best customer experience the Jaguar Land Rover Excellence trainings will be provided for employees.

New conceptual Jaguar Land Rover dealership will start operating in 2018 and will be the first conceptual dealership of British brands in Ukraine.

The Company:

“Winner Imports Ukraine, LTD” – official importer of Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover and Porsche in Ukraine. The company began its operations in 1992 and is one of the leaders in the automotive business in Ukraine with an excellent reputation and international quality standards. Dozens of awards and victories in national business rankings and automotive competitions show the high standards of work and progressive business approach. Dealer network includes 56 centers in Ukraine for sales and service of all five car brands. For more information,

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