The Future of Ukraine Summit expects up to 200 delegates, representing a wide spectrum of entities that contribute to the innovation ecosystem and successful project management. These delegates will include:

•             VC Investors

•             Angel Investors

•             Corporate Investors

•             Hubs

•             Accelerators

•             Governmental Innovation Support Organizations

•             Startups

•             Large Corporations Running Projects in Ukraine

•             Project Management Organizations

•             Construction Companies

•             Equipment Providers

•             State-of-the-art Technology Providers

•             Government Representatives

•             Municipalities Representatives

To facilitate meaningful dialogue, the summit will feature 24 innovative startups from Ukraine, primarily offering digital solutions. These startups represent the promising future of Ukrainian innovation and are eager to meet potential investors, collaborators, and partners.

The summit will also highlight large corporations, project management organizations, construction companies, and equipment providers currently contributing to successful projects in Ukraine. These entities offer insights into the reality of implementing projects on the ground, from running on time and on budget to employing state-of-the-art technologies.

Across our two tracks, the summit will feature 50 speakers offering a wealth of knowledge and experience in the innovation ecosystem and project management. The speakers, handpicked from various fields, will provide unique insights into the challenges and opportunities for building a successful Ukraine.