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WASHINGTON - The U.S. Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), www.USUBC.org, and its members held a Business Leaders Roundtable discussion last Friday with Dan Bilak,  Chief Investment Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and Director, UkraineInvest.  Over 35 persons attended the Roundtable held in the offices of PwC in Washington, a member of USUBC.

Dan assume his new position last November.  Mr. Bilak was very positive in his presentation about Ukraine and all they have accomplished the last three years in spite of the major difficulties they have had face.  Dan believes the real start of the program to de-Sovietize Ukrainian institutions and build new ones did not start until after the Revolution of Dignity.

Few, if any countries have had to face such difficult issues such a war, significant decline in the value of the currency, loss of territory and trading embargoes. He said with the major focus being on difficulties by the international press Ukraine now has a "BRAND DEFICIT."  There is a huge need to "RE-BRAND UKRAINE"  UKRAINE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS, many positive changes have been made and many more will be made in 2017-2017.  The re-branding must result in a brand that is trusted and reliable.

Director Bilak says that rapidly increasing international direct investment in Ukraine is extreme matter of  NATIONAL SECURITY.  Ukraine will never have a high level of national security without a very strong national economy and massive business investments. 

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